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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander South East Queensland Murri Service Directory. v4.4 January 2017

Collated, compiled and formatted by Ron Doyle. Original Hand Artwork Concept © by Floyd Doyle 2000. To obtain a digital version of this document please email:

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Modified Hand Artwork © by Ron Doyle 2014

The Fingers of the artwork on the cover are in the colours of the Aboriginal Flag. The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Aboriginal Elder Harold Thomas in 1971.

The Fingers Depict the Tribes and Language Groups which reach across this small parcel of land called South-east Queensland.

The Palm of the artwork on the cover is in the colours of the Torres Strait Island Flag.

The Torres Strait Island Flag was designed by Bernard Namok in 1992 in a local design competition and recognised by the Federal Government in 1995

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