Aged Care and Disability Services

The Georgina Davidson Margaret Thompson Hostel (GMDTHD) is a unique service which enables the transition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elderly/disable and or in need of accommodation to reside in a culturally supportive place. 

Georgina, as it is supportively known, offers a range of culturally significant services to residents from Traditional Owners to those that have historical connections to this area. 

Key Strategies for Georgina Margaret Davidson Thompson Hostel include:

  • Providing a coordinated and flexible model of care that enables opportunities for aging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to maintain social and cultural connections to age on country.
  • Acknowledging Elders and senior community members as key stakeholders and role models to champion culturally appropriate choices and approaches to health and wellbeing.
  • Building the capacity of the health and aged care workforce to be sensitive to the needs of aging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We at GMDTHD aim to provide a service and support in the form of respite and palliative care for families and carers who have responsibilities for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with health barriers and/or disabilities.

Finding an aged care facility to meet your family’s needs can be overwhelming at times. We at Winnam can assist you in making this process as easy as possible, please contact GMDTHD directly on 07 3395 6888 and ask to speak with the Facility Manager about your family’s needs.

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