Confirmation of Aboriginality

Winnam is able to provide a Confirmation of Aboriginality for those whose family originates from the Brisbane Bayside area, or those who have familial attachments to the area.

What is a Confirmation of Aboriginality?

A Confirmation of Aboriginality (COA) is a document that is acquired from an Indigenous Elder Council or Corporation that acknowledges your Indigenous descent and your involvement in the community. It is required when applying for Indigenous specific services or programs, such as grants, University scholarships, housing through an Indigenous organisation and securing employment in identified positions. This document must be signed by the nominee, a qualified witness (such as a Justice of the Peace), and the Organisation, as well as be stamped with the Organisation’s Common Seal.

If you, or anyone in your family requires a COA, please fill out the application in its entirety and return to the office either in-person or by post. Winnam cannot accept applications delivered electronically.

Winnam’s Confirmation of Aboriginality application.

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