Quandamooka is the indigenous name for Moreton Bay and the many islands within the Bay.
    The Quandamooka Jetty Art is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly.  The Rotary Club considered that an appropriate way of celebrating the completion of fifty years of
    service to the community would be to provide something of interest and significance somewhere along the esplanade.

    This intention found expression with an invitation to the local Winnam Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation (Winnam ATSIC ) to join the Rotary Club in creating a symbol of the goodwill and mutual respect shared by the people of all races who have made a home beside Moreton Bay.

    The Brisbane City Council was consulted and Wynnum Jetty was offered as a site for the project. To find a suitable design and theme the Rotary Club sponsored a public competition with an
    attractive prize.  Students and professionals from a variety of disciplines at Queensland institutions and organisations were invited to submit plans and suggestions.  The winning entry,
    selected by an independent panel, was submitted by local resident Paul Songhurst, a Landscape Architect.

    The design which has an emphasis on an indigenous theme was considered appropriate for whereas Western culture is evident all around us the ancient culture of the people who have lived here for twenty thousand  years is less well known but is worthy of recognition.

    The rich environment of Moreton Bay has provided a home, food, employment and recreation for countless generations from the original Quandamooka people to all present day Australians.  This booklet has been produced to provide the reader with some knowledge of the long social and environmental history of our area and to offer suggestions concerning sources of further information.

    The steering committee formed to implement the Quandamooka Art Project consisted of members of the Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly and representatives from Winnam ATSIC. The committee chairman was Rotarian the late Frank Davies and professional advice was provided by Architect and Town Planner, Rotarian Roger Heathwood. The Rotary Club acknowledges that without the cooperation of the Brisbane City Council this project would not have been possible.


    A five metre high timber sculpture at the entrance to the jetty, made from three recycled

    hardwood pylons.

    Six in-ground ceramic artwork panels 2.8 metres wide set in the deck of the jetty featuring

    designs inspired by traditional Quandamooka lore

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